My own implementation of the popular game Tetris. Check it out on Github Github!

Choose your starting level (0 to 19, greater is faster) and hit the 'Play' button to start the game!

After the game is over, you can enter your score for the leaderboard below.

Keyboard controls:

Action Keys
Move piece left Left arrow, A
Move piece right Right arrow, D
Move piece down Down arrow, S
Rotate piece clockwise Up arrow, W, X, K
Rotate piece anticlockwise Z, L
Hard drop Space bar
Pause ESC, P

Pointer device (mouse, touch screen, stylus pen) controls:

Action Pointer gesture
Move piece left Move the pointer to the left of the piece
Move piece right Move the pointer to the right of the piece
Move piece down Place the pointer on the piece and move down
Rotate piece clockwise Click / tap (left mouse button, touch contact, pen contact),
wheel up
Rotate piece anticlockwise Click / tap (mouse wheel, right mouse button, pen barrel button, X1 (back) mouse, X2 (forward) mouse, pen eraser button),
wheel down
Game Over

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